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Daily Challenges
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Daily Challenges are challenges which you need to achieve while playing the game to gain coins, depending which challenges you have completed such as being first in a row, killing other players, play numerous of games, dying numerous times, buying an item in the Shop and watching an ad video.


Daily WinEdit

Coins Earn: 50 Objective: Win a game by getting first

Number OneEdit

Coins Earn: 150 Objective: Win 20 games


Coins Earn: 75 Objective: Score 200 kills

Faulty AddictionEdit

Coins Earn: 3500 + Skateboard + Tiger Objective: Play 150 Quick Play games and score 4th in the 150th game

Big SpenderEdit

Coins Earn: 75 Objective: Buy something in the Shop

Rising StarEdit

Coins Earn: 5000 + Deer + Candy Animation Objective: Play and win 1st place at exactly 3:30PM in your timezone.