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Game Modes are the different available ways to play the game Fun Run. Accessible from the Play button on the home screen of the game, there are three different ways to play Fun Run. You can play Practice against three bots, Quick Play against randomly matched users currently playing the game, or with any available friends in Friends mode.

Quick PlayEdit

In Quick Play, the player is randomly matched with three other players from around the world. Up to four players can play in Quick Play, but rarely will three or less players play because there are always enough players online for it to successfully match four people.


In Quick Play, the rating is always affected based on the final outcome of the game. First place gives +15, second place gives +5, third place gives -5, and fourth place gives -15. Disconnecting in Quick Play also causes a -15 bonus unless the player has passed the finish line.

Map SelectionEdit

The maps are selected by a vote between the four players in the lobby. There are two maps put up for selection and the one with the most votes is played. In a tie, a random map is selected. All sixteen maps are available to play in Quick Play.


In Friends Mode, the player can play the game with up to three other friends with the game. The player may either create a game and invite other players, or accept a game invite from another player to join a lobby.


Your rating in a Friends game depends on the number of players in the lobby. With four people, it is the same as Quick Play. With two people, your rating gives +5 for a win and -5 for a loss. For a game of three people, first place gives +7, second place doesn't change rating (+0), and third place gives -7.


In a Friends Game, the host is in complete control of the lobby. The host can choose who to invite, which map to play (all sixteen maps are available), and when to start the game. The guests in the lobby have no control over the maps and people in the lobby, but can send messages through the game to the host via the chat. In addition, only friends of the host may be invited to the lobby, and not friends of the guests.


As of the 1.3 Update, in a friends game the players in the lobby may chat with one another via the chat screen. This feature allows players to communicate map choices, who to invite, and whatever else through the game.


In practice, the player may select a map to play, however only twelve of the sixteen are available). Then, the player plays against bots on the map of their choice. The rating is not affected regardless of what place the player finishes in. In addition, the player receives no coins for playing.