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Green Hills
Screen shot 2013-02-16 at 11.29.17 AM
Game Modes All
Map Type Tree
Map Time Sunrise
Preceded by Sunset Valley
Followed by Cliff Climber

Green Hills is a map available in all Game Modes of the game Fun Run. Green Hills takes place in the sunrise in the tree world. It contains many hills and clouds, and large bridges.

Map DescriptionEdit

The map starts out with a downward slope, and then splits into two branches. Going up on the bridges results in a Question Box, and going down results in no question box. The map continues for the first half of the map like this, with the option to jump and go above to get more question boxes or stay down below and have to deal with more obstacles like rocks. At the end of the map, a large bridge ramp leads into many bridges that contain question boxes among them. This is followed by large downward grass slopes to the finish.


Pictures of this map will be posted soon.