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Maps are the entire part of the area available to the player during a race in the game Fun Run. There are 16 maps in Fun Run, however only 12 are available in Practice Mode. The maps contain a variety of different obstacles on them. Forest maps contain clouds, bridges, and rocks; Candy maps contain bouncy red jelly, ice cream that speeds you up, and caramel that slows you down, as well as lollipop obstacles.

List of mapsEdit

Main article: List of maps

 There are 36 maps in Fun Run. They are (🌳) Sunset Valley, Green Hills, Cliff Climber, Cloud Road, Broken Bridge, Mountain View, Bridgetown, Forest Jump, High Peak, Twig Peaks, Jumping Bluffs, Hidden Caves
🍬 Candy maps: Candy maps: Sugar Slope, Jelly Cave, Candy Shop, Chocolate Tops, Frosting Fields and Lollipop Road
☀ (Summer) Beach maps: Sand Castle, Treacherous Pits, Sand Storm, Beach Part-A, Buried Treasure and Sliding Beaches.
☂ Autumn maps: Cloud Mountain, Autumn Trails, Critter Fall, Leafy Path, Windy Peak and Leaf Storm.
❄ Winter maps: Snowset Valley, White Hills, Glacier Climb, Powder Bridge, Slush Cave and Avalanche Medley


There are many types of naturally occurring obstacles in Fun Run. Things such as rocks and holes in the ground occur frequently on Forest maps, and lollipop rocks and jelly occurs in Lollipop maps.

Map SelectionEdit

In Quick Play, two maps are voted on by the four players in the lobby. 5 seconds is given to vote and the map with the most votes at the start of the match is selected. In the event of a tie, the map is randomly selected.

In Practice, maps are selected by the player. 12 of the 16 total maps may be played in Practice, against computer AIs.

In Friends, the host of a lobby selects the map. All 16 maps are available in Friends mode and the guests in the lobby have no input as to which map to choose.