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The Trap icon.

The Trap (or the Bear Trap) is one of the Power Ups in Fun Run. It was used to behead opponents in the game when you leave the trap behind you as you run.


You can use the trap by tapping the power up button and it will leave the trap behind your avatar as the avatar runs. Once unsuspecting players fall to your trap, their heads will be snapped off by the trap, leaving their heads rolling and traces of blood on the trap.

How to AvoidEdit

  • Using the heart or the shield power up. It will help you run over the trap safely (that is until other players magnet you back to the trap if you have the heart power up).
  • If you died earlier before you encounter the trap, you might have a slight chance to pass the trap when regenerating again.


  • Make sure the trap is placed in areas where players couldn't avoid your trap and have no choice but to run over it.

Game MistakesEdit

Even if the player has ran over the trap with a shield or heart power up, the trap will still snap and have traces of blood on it.